The Pink Bus

How can a single male, without children, who was never breastfed, help women come together around the topic of breastfeeding?  With a pink bus, of course!  While this may seem like an unreasonable proposition, it is indeed reality.

On July 28, 2011, a big pink bus rolled into Grand Rapids, Michigan with the goal of connecting breastfeeding experts, advocates, and families into a supportive breastfeeding network to serve as a catalyst for empowerment for pregnant and breastfeeding families.  The hope is that families would more easily and frequently reach their breastfeeding goals due to feeling supported and empowered in their breastfeeding choices as a result of this event.


The Kent County Breastfeeding Coalition would like to thank Ryan Comfort for his efforts.   Our spirit, motivation, and dedication to breastfeeding were exemplified during this event, and the composition of our group echoes that.  Comprised of experts, advocates and mothers, our coalition reflects change-makers at all levels of breastfeeding advocacy.  We often reflect back upon the inspiration that ignited during this event, and have drawn upon that to guide our direction and purpose.

Having an unlikely leader with a unique idea has helped bring breastfeeding into the public eye.  It also helped bring together a group of women on the Kent County Breastfeeding Coalition, who are now making strides towards improving community support of breastfeeding and striving to increase breastfeeding rates in Kent County.

We thank you, Ryan Comfort, for coming up with an ingenious idea being an unlikely leader.

The Pink Bus spirit will live in our efforts.

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